• I want to compare two different groups of people within my organization. How do I do that?


    If your organization includes groups of people whose mitigation strategies are distinctly different (for example, teachers vs. students, office workers vs. assembly-line workers), the When To Test Calculator for Organizations can show you how those groups’ testing needs differ.

    Here’s an example of how to compare these two groups. 

    The table on the bottom left of the screenshot below shows the Calculator’s results for the employees in one office of a company. There are 250 employees in the office; 188 of them (75%) are participating in the testing program (orange arrow), and 50% of them are fully vaccinated, but they haven't received boosters (green arrows).

    Now we want to see the results for the employees in a different office of the company. There are 300 people in this office, and 252 of them (84%) are participating in the testing program. They have the same mitigation strategies as the other office, except that 80% of them are vaccinated and boosted. We enter the number of employees in this office and the number who will be participating in testing (orange arrow), and we change the Fully Vaccinated number to 80% and toggle the Mostly boosted? button to "yes" (green arrows). That brings up a table on the bottom right with this group's results (blue arrow) and the Name New Scenario box. We name this scenario OFFICE 2, and save it by clicking Save As (yellow arrow).