Using the COVID-19 Testing Impact Calculator is simple

Step 1

Input the number of people in your organization who are typically onsite.

If the people onsite fall into distinct groups, you may wish to go through this model multiple times with each group.


  • Schools: Model teachers & staff as one group, and students as another group.
  • Manufacturing: Model office employees as one group, and employees on the manufacturing floor as a second group.

This calculator is designed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your organization, but cannot guarantee the elimination of COVID-19 infections.

This calculator assumes that 100% of the organization is tested up front and that you are completing the testing guidelines every day.

Step 2

Answer three basic questions about mask usagecontact tracing, and limiting unmasked group activities such as dining.

These are three strategies that your organization can use to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

You may wish to be conservative in your mask usage estimation as typically, organizations overestimate compliance.

Step 3

If cost is a factor, you may choose to adjust the default settings for two questions.

Cost Considerations relating to the time your employees are away from their work due to testing, and costs associated with completing testing on-site (if applicable).

Two graphs show how these assumptions impact the recommended testing protocol for your organization

Graph #1 will show your Estimated Testing Cost per Week.

Graph #2 will show the Total Number of People to be Tested each Day.

The data the calculator generates is meant to be a guide

The calculator shows recommended testing frequencies tailored to your organization based upon four different COVID-19 test methods.

Graph #1

Graph #2

Detailed Results are provided for both Typical and Hotspot conditions

Typical and Hotspot conditions are a measure of how fast the disease is spreading within your community. 


If you are already using a specific test or are interested in further customizing the calculator, you will be able to adjust test parameters and other assumptions.

See how you can further reduce the spread of COVID-19

Once you have modeled your current situation, you can then see how changes in your policies can have a dramatic impact on your need for testing and your costs.  

Experiment with these measures by adjusting your original input values.

  • Organization Groups
  • Masks
  • Contact Tracing
  • Unmasked Group Activities

It may be helpful to create a New Tab, Print, or screenshot your original assumptions.

What do you do when someone in your organization gets a positive result?

  1. Isolate the individuals as soon as possible until confirmatory testing is completed (if applicable).
  2. Review test specificity and based upon your test characteristics, you may need to perform a confirmatory test.
  3. Notify your local department of health.
  4. Notify your collaborating prescriber.
  5. Initiate contact tracing.

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ASSUMPTION: The COVID-19 Testing Impact Calculator assumes you are completing the testing guidelines every day

The results assume that 100% of an organization’s population is tested prior to initiating a screening protocol.

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