For Individuals

Don't spread COVID-19 in your community! 
The When To Test Calculator for Individuals helps you decide whether you should consider getting tested.

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For organizations

CDC guidelines provide a COVID-19 testing approach that applies to the population nationwide. The When To Test Calculator is designed to offer a more granular testing strategy for individual organizations based upon their unique mitigation strategies, level of compliance, and community prevalence.

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Important Information

The When To Test Calculator for Organizations:

  • Provides education and guidance for asymptomatic screening in an organization.
  • Helps determine the testing frequency needed to identify and isolate people who test positive for COVID-19.
  • Works best when 100% of an organization’s population is tested prior to initiating a screening protocol. 
  • Assumes the prevalence of COVID-19 within an organization is no greater than that of the broader community.
  • Does NOT ensure that COVID-19 will be kept out of your organization.
  • Does NOT replace the need for other mitigation efforts such as social distancing, improved ventilation, masking, and appropriate hygiene practices.
  • The Calculator is subject to the disclaimers set forth on the site and the End User License Agreement