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With the addition of a new WTT Calculator, it might be hard to determine which calculator is best for your situation. The Calculator for Individuals or the Calculator for Organizations? Learn more in our blog as we compare the two.

November 15, 2021 has two Calculators. If the WTT Calculator for Individuals is for everyone (and it is!), why is there another one - the WTT Calculator for Organizations? 

The original Calculator at was the WTT Calculator for Organizations.  Since December 2020, this Calculator has been supporting schools and workplaces to reduce the risk of an outbreak.  Newer on the scene is the WTT Calculator for Individuals, which is helping individuals decide if they should get a test today.

The two Calculators have some similarities. Both are intended to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and both use inputs like COVID-19 prevalence, mask-wearing habits, and vaccination status to calculate their results.  But their purpose and applications differ considerably.  Let’s take a look… 



WTT Calculator for Individuals

Whether you should get a test today

WTT Calculator for Organizations

Whether and how your organization should implement a program of asymptomatic screening based on your current or planned mitigation strategies.


WTT Calculator for Individuals

Lets you know whether you should consider getting tested, based on whether you are at HIGH or LOW risk of:

  • Having contracted COVID-19 over the past seven days

  • Getting COVID-19 over the next seven days 

  • Having spread COVID-19 to others over the past seven days

  • Spreading COVID-19 to others over the next seven days

WTT Calculator for Organizations

Tells you 

  • Whether your organization should consider instituting an asymptomatic screening program, or if symptomatic testing only should be adequate to help prevent an outbreak

  • How often your organization would need to test in order to reduce the chance of an outbreak

  • How much asymptomatic screening will cost


WTT Calculator for Individuals

This Calculator is built primarily for use based on your current circumstances. However, you could use this Calculator speculatively — for example, if you’re planning to travel, you could enter the inputs for the location you’re planning to visit and the activities you plan to do there to see whether they will trigger a test recommendation. If they do, you might pack a rapid test in your luggage or plan time to stop for a lab test during your travels. Don’t forget to recheck the Calculator when you get to your destination, though! The fluctuating prevalence in that area could change your real-time results.

WTT Calculator for Organizations

This Calculator anticipates that you will use it speculatively to determine what combination of mitigation strategies will work best for your organization in the near future. The results page facilitates this by providing two results windows, side-by-side. You can edit these displays to compare your organization’s current strategies to prospective ones (e.g., we don’t require masks at the office now, but what if we did?), or to compare one group’s needs to another (e.g., students vs. school staff). We also recommend revisiting this Calculator periodically to determine whether changes to local prevalence or your inputs (e.g., increasing vaccination rates) change your results.


In today’s fight against COVID-19, there is space for many tools to help fight the spread. We hope that both calculators pique the curiosity of our visitors — Check them out today and let us know what you think! Please spread the word about the Calculators — the more people who use them, the more we can decrease the spread of the virus.



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