Important Information

The following information is important to keep in mind when using the COVID-19 Testing Impact Calculator:

  • The calculator provides education and guidance for asymptomatic screening of an organization.
  • Use of the calculator does NOT ensure that COVID-19 kept out will of your organization.
  • The calculator helps to determine the testing frequency needed to identify and isolate potentially contagious people.
  • It’s assumed the prevalence of COVID-19 within your organization is no greater than that of the broader community at the time a screening protocol is initiated.
  • The results assume that 100% of an organization’s population is tested prior to initiating a screening protocol.
  • A screening protocol should be implemented as an additional mitigation effort and does not replace the need for other mitigation efforts such as daily cleaning, handwashing, and social distancing.
  • The calculator is subject to the disclaimers set forth on the site and the End User License Agreement.