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Valentine’s Day Roundup: COVID Articles We Love

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some fascinating and useful articles about COVID-19 and are sharing why we LOVE them.

Kim Noble
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Valentine’s Day isn’t all flowers and heart-shaped candy. For me, it is often a reminder of my fruitless attempts at dating. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. It can also remind us to show our family and friends how much we care for them. And today, it is inspiring the WhenToTest team to share some articles we love from other writers. These folks clearly share our goal of getting well-researched information about COVID to readers like you. Enjoy this Reading Roundup!

  • Yale Medicine brought us this article — a one stop shop for information about medicines for COVID. It’s well-organized and accessible to the layperson. It’s easy to jump straight to information on a specific treatment that interests you, or you can read the whole article for a solid foundation on the array of medicines available in the US.

  • Did you know that improved ventilation can actually increase learning and attention? I’ll admit that ventilation in schools (or much of anywhere) never crossed my mind before the pandemic. But this article on air quality in schools from The Conversation shared so much incredible information in such a clear and digestible manner that I now feel very well informed on the subject.

  • Did you know that being worried about vaccine side effects could increase the chance you’ll experience them? According to the study described in this fascinating article from The Times of Israel, it might! It’s called the “nocebo” effect — a mashup of “placebo” and “nociception,” the technical word for pain sensation. Who knew?

  • The Conversation puts out a lot of great stuff. This time they’re highlighting rapid tests and crushing the confusion many people have about them with this fantastic, Q&A-style article. These are the questions I get from my family and friends all the time. From now on, I’m going to send them here for the answers.

  • Am I the only one who is completely fascinated by wastewater testing? This article from the Atlantic explains how airplane bathrooms can serve as an early detection system for new COVID variants.

Those are just a few of the interesting and highly informative articles we’ve read in recent months. What are some of your favorites? Share them with me at knoble@whentotest.org or with our whole community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and perhaps we’ll include one of your recommendations in a future Reading Roundup!